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Cartierul Cluj în Chișinău - apartments for sale, from 910 Euro/m2

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  • There will be also promoted the healthy lifestyle through construction of SPORTS PARKS in each sector of this Residential Area.

  • The rational area will be optimized through construction of UNDERGROUND PARKING LOTS that will cover 70% of the apartments built.

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  • This will be a RESIDENTIAL AREA WITH THE COMPLETE INFRASTRUCTURE. There will be built: three kindergartens for 1,000 children or so, school approximately for 1,200 pupils, and a health center. Besides this, on the ground floors of each dwelling house, there will be built: premises for shopping centers, grocery stores, drug stores, beauty salons, sports halls, cafés and restaurants.

  • The principles of ECO-FRIENDLY CONSTRUCTION will be applied by using PV panels and heat pumps.

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  • The living conditions will be improved through development of ENTERTAINMENT AND SOCIO-CULTURAL AREAS. There will be also built a pedestrianised street for exhibitions, fairs and open-air events.

Since this Residential Area will be located between two green zones and since there are several spring wells not far from it, Lagmar Company proposes to restore and to fit them out, so that they will have the TOURISTIC destination.

The whole Residential Area will have the accommodation capacity of more than twenty thousand people, this meaning that any and all conveniences of ACCESSIBLE AND COMFORTABLE LIVING will be developed simultaneously. Hence, there will be extended the public transport network and there will be built a road connecting this Residential Area with such City Districts as Ciocana, Rascani and Buiucani.

Cluj Residential Area in Chisinau City will be a new start for sustainable development here, AT HOME, in Moldova!

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